Work Scope
Due to the state-of-the-art equipment in our 72 high-tech production lines, a complete
sterilization plant and our in-house production of our own raw materials.
Supply Chains
We place a strong emphasis on work ethic, quality assurance, and efficiency which we feel
are important in creating a successful business and work environment.
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    Mainly sold to: Hong Kong, China, Europe, Singapore, Japan, Angola and other countries and regions.
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    The overall planning of the objectives of the and the means used to achieve the objectives in order to establish and sustain.
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    The development of brand theory has experienced only a few decades, but there are still some good people make up the brand history.
Core Team
GFA has a senior leader team with abundant international management
We customize first aid kits, components, specific labels and logos in
accordance with customer requirements.
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    Most parents are bound to face a small “medical emergency” at home with their child at some point, whether it’s a nasty scrape, nosebleed or bug bite. Knowing what to do and having some supplies handy can make minor injuries easier to care for when they occur.
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Genuine First Aid
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